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slow death by rubber duck

Slow Death by Rubber Duck

Toxicity of everyday life

  • BPA (example: cash register receipts, food containers)
  • Phthalates and triclosan (example: personal care products, incliding green products)
  • Mercury (example: una)
  • Pesticides (example: food, including some organic)
  • Heavy metals (example: water)
  • VOCs (example: new cars)

Most important To Do List

  • Natutal care products without phthalates and parabens. Avoid words like "fragrance" and "oarfum". Avoid antibacterial products (triclosan).
  • Eat more organic and seasonal food and wash it well before eating it. 
  • Drink water from the tap if necessary with activated carbon filter.
  • Use natural products, like furtiture and textiles from natural fibers and free from toxic flame retardants. Open the windows, clean the dust. Avoid vinyl products and use low-VOC paint.
  • Eat more veggetables and less meat
  • Sweat more to detox
  • Exercise
  • Buy less products and make less waste (which then goes into water, food and air)


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